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Farm Stories & Anecdotes


Learn about the growing season. Discover how we deal with obstacles. Read fun stories and anecdotes about our farming activities.

Blooming Marvelous!


Our flowers are healthy and covered in crystals. That’s because we love our plants. We raise them by hand.  Spend hours a day with them. Even when it rains. Hanging out with our green buddies is relaxing and rewarding. And yes our plants get names too. Tidbit: Last year #11 (Elle) turned out to be an auto-flower!

What An Adventure!

“Being a cannabis grower is a refreshing change. I no longer sit in-front of my computer all day. Growing cannabis isn’t that easy – it takes hard work and dedication. However, I love the challenges and love the results”.

Fred Ruckel, Founder & Cannabis Horticulturalist

What’s Happening on the Farm? Read here to learn about our adventures.

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