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Firstly, we employ a horticultural approach to our cannabis growing. (Unlike many other farmers, who use an agricultural methodology i.e. planting in a field). In constrast, we use controlled horticultural techniques to ensure all plants receive a balanced delivery of water and nutrients.

Moreover, our natural grow environment is tucked away in the Northern Catskill Mountains. Furthermore, we sit amongst thousands of acres of state forest. Above all, our grow site sits atop a mountain at 2,100 feet elevation. For this reason, we are probably one of the highest elevation growers in our area.

Sun high over cannabis field
Man holding tall plant
Flowering demonstrating care that went into it


Man in field of cannabis

Fred Ruckel

CEO & Cannabis Horticulturist
woman posing in field for picture

Natasha Ruckel

Budtender & Business Jedi

Meet Fred and Natasha Ruckel

As a husband and wife entrepreneurial team, Fred and Natasha are constantly looking for ways in which to improve the quality of life. As a matter of fact, their desire for both environmental and health-conscious living, combined with their interest in inventions and technology, has led them to create a unique cannabis growing system.

By the same token, they own several patents, run a couple of other different businesses, including SnugglyCat Inc. (creators of the Ripple Rug), and RuckSackNY. Equally important is their advocacy work, that they fit in around their daily schedule.

Growing with love and research

Our love for Cannabis is constantly growing

Undoubtedly, many years of experimental growing with a wide variety of plants in different conditions has brought us to where we are today. We’ve been able to learn, contrast and compare the optimal conditions for rapid growth and healthy yields. Of course – not all cannabis is equal. At any rate, our products are received exceptionally well by those who’ve tried it.

Combined with an extraordinary environment – that is to say high-altitude, fresh-mountain spring water, no pollutants, diverse flora and fauna = a happy growing habitat.

In any case, paying attention to the seasons, the cycles of the moon, respecting the harmony of the ecosystem, all help to produce a stellar crop.

OK to Grow – What’s In The Name?

Let us explain…we love the movie ‘Contact’.

Jodie Foster, SETI scientist, Dr. Ellie Arroway, dedicates her career to the pursuit of extraterrestrial life. Without giving away the story, (as we highly recommend that you watch this), there’s a point where she repeats “It’s OK to Go”. This is a crucial part of the movie, as the culmination of her work is about to be tested. All things considered, we share those feelings with Ellie, for now we are “OK to Go”.

It’s been a long journey and taken a long time. However, thanks to changes in government legislation, it’s now “OK To Grow”.

OK to Grow Logo – Are They Baby Mushrooms?

Company logo

No these are not baby mushrooms.

Cannabis flowers are rich with specialized crystals called trichomes.  To the naked eye trichomes look like sugar granules, sprinkled bountifully onto the flower buds.

The trichomes contain cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients.

Essentially they resemble tiny stalks with globes on the end. That’s what you see on our logo. And yes, trichomes come in different shapes and sizes.

This is the place to be. We love it. You’ll love it. The flora & fauna love it.

Just like the wild population living here, plants do their best in a natural setting. Bambi and Yogi agree.

mother and baby deer
*Obviously the deer are not able to munch on the plants thanks to the modern marvel of fencing and the old trick of bells on a string. However we do love that they hang around and watch us do our thing.
Bear standing
And who doesn’t love Yogi making an appearance every now and then?
The Catskills, NY

The great Northern Catskill’s endless streams, glittering waterfalls, magnificent forests and scenic mountains, make it the perfect growing environment.

Sounds like an advertisement…don’t all rush here at once.





Why Are We Different?

18 Years of Combined Experience In Consulting & Cultivation

Regular daily inspections, hand-pruning and constant monitoring

Hand-selected and harvested by humans (we do not use machine-harvesting)

Indoor Drying and Slow, Natural Curing

No pesticides, no pollutants

Ethical and environmentally sound growing techniques

Quality Control = Premium Product

Online Ordering and Discreet Delivery

Made with love

Natural Therapeutic Plants

Don’t be addicted to those little red and blue pills

Firstly, we believe in the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plants. History teaches us that even the ancients realized the benefits of these wondrous herbs. Furthermore, as far back as 8000BC, the Taiwanese spun their first fabrics from hemp fibers. Not to mention, the benefits of cannabis were recorded in ancient Chinese medical practices for its ability to treat many ailments. In a similar fashion, the Egyptians (circa 1550BC), scribed about the use cannabis as an anti-inflammatory remedy. The list goes on. Don’t just take our word for it – Google it!

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