Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Foods

You’re not alone. Smoking cannabis flower just isn’t an option for many. Conversely, eating cannabinoids can be therapeutically effective. In any case cooking with cannabinoids is easy. Undoubtedly, once you’ve tried some of these recipes, you’ll be coming back for more.

It’s Very Tasty!


You might think that ‘gummies and/or brownies’ are the only way to consume cannabinoids. Not so! Flower is easily converted to its active form. Once activated, cannabinoids can become part of a healthy recipe. Surprisingly, the right ingredients can disguise any ‘herbal’ taste. As a matter of fact, cannabinoid-infused foods can be delicious and therapeutically helpful.

Eating Cannabionoids

“When you eat cannabinoids, you have to wait a bit for them to kick-in. It can take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours to have an outcome. Surprisingly, the therapeutic effects can linger for up to 12 hours. Results do vary from person to person”.

Natasha Ruckel, Co-Founder, Budtender and Business Jedi

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