A Not-So-Fun Year

2023 was a pain-in-the-rear for many reasons:

  • Canadian Wildfires during both June and July;
  • the disappearance of our beloved JinG; and
  • an exceptionally soggy end of summer and autumn (early fall).

From Seed to Field

We started our seeds earlier than last year (as we were only granted a hemp license at the end of May 2022). By June, our lovely ‘green ladies’ were strong and ready to swap their cozy greenhouse for the great outdoors.

We also juiced up our garden with other therapeutic plants like Calendula, Chicory, and Chamomile, just to name a few. But that’s not all – we also planted trap and companion plants like Nasturtium, Marigold, Wormwood, and Basil. We’re creating a garden paradise that’s therapeutic in nature.

The Girls: Ready to graduate from the greenhouse to outside!

Late June 2023

Damn Wildfire Smoke - Working Outside With Mask

Wildfire Smoke Sucks

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that pesky Canadian wildfire smoke doesn’t become our yearly guest! It’s no fun playing explorer in the fields when you’re masked up like a superhero.

Wildfire smoke boosts ozone levels, posing a threat to our plant friends. Not to mention the stubborn particulate matter that acts like heavy ash, blocking the stomata on leaves – akin to a plant struggling to breathe through a blocked nose.

Thankfully, abundant rainfall washed the leaves clean, and despite some hail damage, by the time the flowers bloomed, all traces of the smoke had vanished.

Another Hot Summer, but cooler than 2022

Summer’s sizzle had us beaming!

With temps in the mid-to-high eighties in July and August, then September surprising us with a few 90F days, we found our perfect reason to embrace the outdoors.

What’s better than soaking up the sun, mingling with Mother Nature and our Cannabis Sativa plants? Nothing, we say!

Natasha Stands Amongst The Plants

Plants progressing nicely this was taken at the end of July


Delana, our North Star cultivar, was a real early bird, blooming first in our fields!

Our two CBG dominant stars, New London Gold and Northstar, are early bloomers! But, there’s a catch. They love to show their colors just when the late August rain showers roll in.

Regrettably, we’ve encountered a significant setback with our CBG dominant stars, New London Gold and Northstar. These early bloomers fell victim to the relentless Botrytis Cinerea, leading to the loss of several plants. To mitigate any further contamination, we took the necessary step of discarding the affected plants through controlled burning. Moving forward, we’ve decided not to cultivate these two varieties again, as they don’t fare well against the late August rain showers. This experience has been a learning curve for us, and we remain committed to improving and innovating our processes.

Fred Holds Delana

Cultivar: North Star - First to Flower

The Year of the Snake

Now, let’s dive into the eccentricities of 2023 – a year of serpents at every corner!

Although our region is home to rattlesnakes, we primarily encountered harmless species like the Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) and the occasional Ring-necked Snake (Diadophis punctatus). Quite the wild year, isn’t it?


Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)

JinG Took An Extended Vacation

Our little golden boy decided to take an extended vacation. We spent hours searching for him: hiking in the woods, driving around and around searching everywhere, putting out signs, handing out flyers, posting on social media etc.

Without doubt JinG is a loving farming companion. Our other cat Spock stepped in to fill the void. He decided to follow us around outside, never leaving our side.


Such an attention seeker - we love him


Last October was an extraordinary busy period. Our cannabis plants reached unprecedented heights, with the top buds beyond our reach.

Drying: We meticulously monitored the humidity, temperature, and airflow during the drying process, ensuring the perfect texture – neither too crumbly nor too moist.

The highlight of Croptober? As luck would have it, all of our plants were trimmed before any scary hard frosts. Kudos to the weather deities!

Lolly - Hung To Dry

CBG Dominant Variety New London Gold

In Conclusion:

Growing cannabis isn’t just tossing seeds in dirt! It’s a labor of love that needs time, patience, and constant care. Imagine the joy of nurturing every leaf, pruning with precision, and keeping a keen eye on your green babies.

And hey, it beats staring at a screen all day, right?

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Stay tuned, 2024 promises new and exciting offerings, especially since we’ve just been awarded our THC license.

The Wonders of Nature

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail on Viper's Bugloss